March 30 2018

Groupe Leblanc is proud to announce the acquisition of 4470 Wellington. This address will be restored to its formerly prestige according to the Art Deco plans of the original 1931?s construction.

This project will contribute to the revitalization, already well underway, of Wellington Street. This artery benefited, in recent years, from an important economic and architectural boom, creating a wave that attracts newcomers, seduced by the proximity of the river and the city center, the three metros of the borough and the multitude of small local businesses.

January 31 2017

Groupe Leblanc is proud to be able today to announce the completion of the thorough renovation works of project 4750 Wellington.

With a preserved historical cachet, the 4750 offers today unusual spaces to its tenants, ardent entrepreneurs, that work together to revive their beautiful Verdun borough.

The Verdun Library on the ground floor has teamed up with the designer Zebulon to create a unique environment for its clients. In this spirit, the building houses two other businesses, the ?r?union? boutique which carries high-end kitchen accessories and the ?Caf? de la troisi?me? where the coffee shop goers can relax while having a light snack.

In the upper floors, a number of premier tenants are now settled: Dakis Decision Systems inc.; the engineering group Gravitaire; the training and management group Perform, a company specialized in health events planning; and Cible retour ? l?emploi, a para-statal agency supporting job seekers in their jobs search. The internationally renowned industrial psychologist Morneau Shepell and a dental clinic, crown the list.

It is with a sense of fulfillment that the president-general manager, Denis Leblanc, appointed for the second time as Verdun business personality, can now go ahead with his next project.

January 1 2016

The ground-floor of the new building will be housing the prestigious Verdun Library to which will be fitted a kitchen, speech therapist offices and a caf?. The owners Philippe Sarrazin and Johanne M?th? have hired the renowned designer Z?bulon to undertake the necessary works. This will undoubtedly be Quebec?s finest library.

Office spaces

Upstairs, we are planning to build offices to be delivered as of April 2016. We are very enthusiastic about the design of these offices.?Photos will be available soon.

November 30 2015

Leblanc Group has acquired a new property on Wellington Street where the 4750 Wellington, future prestigious building in the Verdun Borough, will stand. Photos are available to help you visualise the present condition of the building and how it will look like upon completion of the detailed renovation works. With a fa?ade extending to more than 100 feet, the 4750 Wellington has a reinforced concrete structure characterised by its rigidity, hence its use as a refuge for the people during WWII.

November 26 2015

Leblanc Group is undertaking very creative and bold works on the building located on Bennet Street. The particular status obtained for this building has enabled us to extend the zoning from ?light industrial? to include another aspect of land use, namely offices and shops. We have also fitted out the 20,000 sq.ft. surface at the back of the building. The external cladding of both annexes was replaced by bricks and the windows took a more embellished look. These renovations are guaranteed to make you feel a change of scenery as they convey the atmosphere of a multimedia building located in New York or in Philadelphia. Besides, the space will be embellished by magnificent gardens and fitted with a large parking lot surrounded by an 6-feet high black fence with computer-controlled doors. Privacy, security and tranquility sum up our objectives.