A Mission Accomplished

Groupe Leblanc is proud to be able today to announce the completion of the thorough renovation works of project 4750 Wellington.

With a preserved historical cachet, the 4750 offers today unusual spaces to its tenants, ardent entrepreneurs, that work together to revive their beautiful Verdun borough.

The Verdun Library on the ground floor has teamed up with the designer Zebulon to create a unique environment for its clients. In this spirit, the building houses two other businesses, the ?r?union? boutique which carries high-end kitchen accessories and the ?Caf? de la troisi?me? where the coffee shop goers can relax while having a light snack.

In the upper floors, a number of premier tenants are now settled: Dakis Decision Systems inc.; the engineering group Gravitaire; the training and management group Perform, a company specialized in health events planning; and Cible retour ? l?emploi, a para-statal agency supporting job seekers in their jobs search. The internationally renowned industrial psychologist Morneau Shepell and a dental clinic, crown the list.

It is with a sense of fulfillment that the president-general manager, Denis Leblanc, appointed for the second time as Verdun business personality, can now go ahead with his next project.