Denis Leblanc: A Passion for Light and Beauty

The moment you meet Denis Leblanc, the president of Groupe Leblanc Immobilier, as he welcomes you with a warm handshake and a wide smile, you can instantly tell that you are in the presence of a simple, honest and passionate person. His dynamic business signature is nothing short of that.

For the second time, Denis Leblanc was chosen by le R?seau Afffaires Verdun, as Business Personality of the Month for his acquisition of a second building which now houses the Verdun Library on Wellington Street, at the 3rd Avenue; an ultra-modern dental clinic; and spacious premier office spaces in the higher floors. The official inauguration will take place early 2017.

The business man is very proud of his investment, especially the thorough makeover of this vast building of 21 000 sq.ft., which had alternately been a car dealership, a grocery store, and a place of worship, but which has become ?an event to share? as he puts it.

Denis Leblanc describes himself as an investor and a developer.

?I have always been passionate about real estate,? says the man who holds a dual degree in criminology and psychology.

?Investing isn?t a matter of only money; it is contributing and adding to the harmony of the city?.

As we mentioned, the Personality of the Month of December has a passion for beauty and light that you can definitely see them mirrored in his works. At Verdun, people say that, apart from doing things right, Denis Leblanc knows how to attract business tenants to his properties. For this key player, this task seems to be pretty easy since he appreciates the seriousness and enthusiasm of the borough?s contributors that he deals with.

Mere Chance

It is by mere chance, in 2012, that the new owner discovered the Verdun borough and bought his first property in it: a 100-year-old building of 15000 sq.ft., perched on the corner of Wellington and Galt, which underwent thorough renovation and transformation by Groupe Leblanc. There you will find a Desjardins ATM, a pharmacy, and a patisserie. It is as remarkable an achievement as his latest acquisition.

Denis Leblanc not only has a passion for beauty and light; but also for aesthetics and well-being. ?When I see my tenants happy to work in their beautiful and bright environment, for me, it is a great reward and a mission accomplished?.

?In Verdun, the belonging feeling is very strong,? confirms Mr. Leblanc. ?I believe in helping the borough and contributing to the creation of a wave on Wellington Street so that it becomes an inspiration,? he adds.

A family man, Denis Leblanc currently works with his sons, Charles and Justin, and soon his other son Gabriel. Charles is a 25-year-old young entrepreneur whose power is directed toward construction and implementation of Groupe Leblanc projects. He is, literally, by his father?s side.

The Groupe Leblanc, which consists of about ten employees, has a number of projects underway for at least the coming two years, one of which is at an advanced stage on Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and another on Plateau Mont Royal; not to forget another in Verdun that is still in early stages.