Personality January 2014

Appointment was given to me in his last achievement, a sleek red brick building, the discreet fa?ade near the metro from the Church. Are everywhere including urban caf?, a traditional bakery and a clinical pharmacy … Denis Leblanc is a passionate and you can hear from his first words.

“I love the beautiful, harmonious facades, architectural aesthetics, the color scheme. A souvenir of Paris, incredible! “This will guide him in all his projects. Denis Leblanc is a visionary real estate manager. “When I acquire a building, I see a concept, a story. Its facade will caress or displeasing to the eye for 50 years, “he says with humor. From Paris to Soho via Portugal or a small town in the Ile-de-France, his eye was full of praise for the architectural details he encountered during his travels.
St-Laurent in Wellington

A native of Drummondville, he remembers his adolescence: “My father had bought two houses. I loved it and I fell in love with the architecture. “Yet to 18 years, he studied criminology at Montreal. He smiled, “it was not many, it was the beginnings, but I liked it.” Thereafter, he had a degree in psychology, but denies having had a date. He admits to having a keen interest in the humanities and remembers with pleasure these past moments as a social worker.

At thirty, he made his first acquisitions on the Boulevard Saint-Laurent. “The atmosphere of the 50s had disappeared, he needed to resurrect. I worked the quality of goods with quality materials and avant-garde, “says Denis Leblanc. Today, the family business has 14 quality office buildings, where he was able to combine aesthetics, exceptional atmosphere and near the city center. “I try with my partners and tenants to have a relationship of trust and empathy. I put myself in the place of the one that will rent the property I am proposing. At Verdun, it was also necessary to understand the lives of those who lived there and had to move sadly, “concedes the businessman.
Verdun was the unknown. One of his four son liked the place and seemed to see the potential. Very soon, Denis Leblanc met the owner of 4146; Wellington Street. “It was a good meeting. There were 30 rooms, this is a lot of people to relocate. It was essential to work, to support them in this process, “he said with empathy. The manager also thanked the efficiency of services in the borough in this adventure.
The future in Verdun

“In this building, there will be particular credit union, the Sectoral Committee of the Workforce personal care services, Chef Louis-Fran?ois Marcotte, the Rise college, a dance studio and a social club. This will generate a movement of people of interest to businesses in Wellington, it’s obvious, “says the man won. He does not see Verdun as an economic platform, but as a full-fledged district with its cultural, recreational and utility. “Verdun has the means to become indispensable, I see a public place where locals and tourists travel there to share a friendly, festival. Violinists, for example … I love the violin and Quebec each family, a violinist cache “if he laughs. Pell-mell, he remembers this talented tenant who lived in one of the rooms of the building with 5 guitars. An incredible musician who had been a difficult journey and escaped. He remembers his marriage; his first trip to Paris France with his wife; along the St. Lawrence River a few steps here and whispers his desire to invest again in the borough. The company is family, and with his wife, they prepare the next generation. “In this business you have to be responsible 24h / 24h, and you have to ask if you want this for your children … They said:” We will be four “. This gives me hope … “he concludes with a certain fragility in her voice.